Jim Lauderdale

3 DOWN….. 0

So Wednesday’s show was another great one for us. The band has been having an incredible time. All the guests were great. Pat KILLED it, like we knew he would. Slim was great on ‘Woman Be Strong.’ Randy and the horn section we thought were spot on. They felt they ‘missed’ a thing or two,


2 DOWN, 2 TO GO….. 0

So last Wednesday’s show was a damn BLAST!! We had a great time. Maureen and April just KILLED it. Thanks ladies. Plus it was a ton of fun getting to sing with Josh. He sounded great and it was truly a pleasure having him. We also got surprised by Dan Baird(who’s coming the final week



So I think we’re officially done tracking songs. Though I know if something new comes out that could still change. Now we’re deep in the land of the overdub. We had Mike Webb in this morning for piano and organ on ‘Hard To Love’. He also played a tack-piano solo, which was conveniently constructed by