Last week i didn’t feel well. I cancelled a couple of cowrites and tried to rest hoping that was what I needed. Thursday I ran a 103 degree fever and felt horrible. I could hear fluid in my lungs. I went to the doctor and after bloodwork and a chest x-ray it was revealed I had a viral infection plus pneumonia in my right lung. They put me on some heavy medication plus an inhaler. I was told to cancel all upcoming shows through the 9th. It pains me to ever have to cancel a show but there was no question it was the right thing to do. 

 I greatly appreciate the kind words and concern from everyone who has reached out. I’m gonna hop on a plane tonight and head to Portland to meet the band and attempt our show tomorrow in Oregon. Then it’ll be back home for some more rest and hopefully be back to normal by next week. 

 We’ll work hard to get the shows we missed made up to y’all as soon as we can. 
 Thanks as always for the continued support. 

My best,