We are going to kick off the ‘Favorite Waste Of Time’ Tour Saturday night in Nashville. Angie Aparo will play first. Then my brother Josh and his band will play. It’s going to be a special night as me and the guys will be joined by Randy Leago and his horn players, Ms. April Rucker and Lo Carter on background vocals. My friend and original keyboard player John W. Lancaster on keys. Plus, and he’s always my favorite ‘plus’, Dan Baird on guitar for a few songs. This means we will be covering alot of ground and we are all really excited.

Also wanted to let you know there are two ways to be a part of this great evening. Obviously first and foremost we’d suggest coming down and being part of the live experience. If for some reason you’re a germophobe, want to listen in your underpants or maybe you just live far away, you can catch the whole show on Ustream…..they will begin broadcasting our performance at 9 pm CST.