So we’re heading for Dallas here in just a bit. We seem to have brought rain with us to Texas which makes us some sort of voodoo magic men down here I guess. No trouble, you’re welcome. Had a wonderful time at the New Braunfels show. Great radio station, great venue, great people. They took good care of us and I sincerely hope we’ll be back to do that all again sometime sooner than later. Pleasant surprise. Austin last night was not that way. Crowd was good but the club/staff pretty much all seemed like they didn’t want us there from right around the moment we showed up. It put a really weird vibe on the night. Then we finished the set, which we certainly put everything into, yet still sounded not great and went outside for a second to discuss what songs to do in the encore and then they immediately crank the house music and start shooing folks out. My apologies to everyone who came to the show. Then they were running us out with all our gear, just very disappointing. But anyway, thanks to everyone who came and our apologies and a promise to all work/play together under better circumstances next time. On a positive note about Stubb’s, the food was still great! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything right? Ok, here’s hoping things will shape up a little better in the Big D tonight. The Orbans are with us again tonight and put on a good show. Come check it out. See y’all soon.