WEEK 4…… 0

So we’ll get together tomorrow to rehearse for the final night of these Wednesday night shows. Here’s what we’ve got on tap for guests:

Mr. Brian Layson. Brian joined my band in not too long after ‘Carousel,’ we recorded ‘Blackbird…’ together plus ‘the America EP’ and he was on most of ‘The Man Who Killed Love.’ He was my right hand man for many years and we wrote some great songs together too. I’ve got a million fond memories of playing live with him and am thrilled to have him back as a part of this. Dan Baird will also be back with us this week. He made a surprise stop by already but this one will get him more involved. Dan was my original right hand man. The most rock and roll rock and roller I know. I was way out of my league having him in my band right out of the gate. He’s always made me want to be better and YES, he WILL rock. Park Chisholm is a great musician that I’d met years ago. We actually talked about him joining the band just before we found Adam. Schedules didn’t work but he’ll be joining us for bass on a new song called ‘Too Late Too Soon’ which will feature Blade’s trumpet skills. Or is it skillz? I think with trumpet it’s the standard ’s’ ending. But I digress, Teddy Morgan will also be joining us. He’s a band mate with Park in Kevin Costner’s band the Modern West. We met at a show in Atlantic City and hit it right off. Had a lot of mutual friends. He came in and played on a few of the early sessions before the accident. Great guitar player and it’ll be the first time we get to play together live. Of course we must also mention Mr. Michael Webb on keys. Michael played on a few tracks from the forthcoming album so we’ll definitely be playing those. He’s a wonderful player and always a fun hang. He also(along with Dan) bailed me out of s shitty mess in Birmingham a year or so back. This however will be WAY more fun this week. Ha. Still working on a couple more surprises that may or my not get posted beforehand. I can’t say thank you enough for all the support you’ve given us thus far. Hope we’ll see you Wednesday