So Siggi and I got out of town on Saturday night. I don’t recall a recording session that has ever allowed me a day off. We head back early in the morning to fire back up again. We started on Monday of last week and have had a great and productive time thus far. I’m so proud of how Blade, Siggi and I have worked so far. Plus Ken and Charlie have been amazing. Ken and Charlie and I have made two records previously, but never like this. We’ve always had to be steal or borrow any available moment to record. Now being able to stay set up in the studio and try lots of different things, it’s been so inspirational. We’ve had some folks stop by to play with us. Michael Webb came by and played keys on one song. Dan Baird came in for one, plus helped us out with some gear(he’ll be back playing more later in the coming weeks) Our friend Teddy Morgan, who we met in Atlantic City came by and helped with two songs on guitar. Then we had the always inspirational Pat Buchanon on guitar for three songs. Proving to us yet again there is a difference between good, really good, really really good and great! We’ve gotten 5 songs done so far. ‘Hard To Love’, ‘My Winter Coat’, ‘Goodnight/Goodbye’, ‘8th Street Scandal’ and ‘Too Late, Too Soon’. We’ll go into more details later about specific songs, performances, impressions, etc. Just wanted to check in and let y’all know how it was going. I’ll leave by saying we’re REAL damned excited about what’s going on thus far. Hell I’m excited about getting back to work this week. Ok, back to writing/watching the Olympics.
Y’all be well.