So last night’s show in Cincinnati was damned good. And it was a Wednesday so that made it even better. I love that room and it was good to finally see it starting to fill up. Special thanks to our cohort Jon for helping Siggi and Blade get their new chores on track. Started selling vinyl at the live shows and we were all thrilled how well they seemed to go over. No other real tales from there except the normal stop for graters ice cream beforehand. Yes, it IS that damned good. Headed into Chicago today but the show was outside and was cancelled due to rain. I’d have been pretty upset about that, but we’re rocking here tomorrow as well, so it’ll be fine. Siggi’s mama was nice enough to let us bed down at her place and make us homemade pasta with meatballs. Thanks mama Birkis! We love you. Spent the night working on songs/guitar parts with Dan as we prepare for the next few shows to be just the three piece. Putting the final plans together on which studio we’ll be recording the new album in. Its starting to really feel like that process is coming on quick and we’re all very excited about it. Alright, so I’m off for some sleep now.