I was gonna title this one, “I Hate The Lakers” but I’m trying not to start a feud between me and my dear friend and manager the Doug Buttleman. Ok, enough venting.

Made our way down to Birmingham on Saturday afternoon to play at City Stages. Really great festival. It wasn’t the tightest show I’ve ever done but it was certainly the most fun I’ve had on stage in quite some time. I’d forgotten how much I love playing with Dan. Hell, I’d forgotten how much I liked playing with Blade and Siggi too for that matter. We decided last minute to bring our pal Michael Webb along to play keys. He played on our last session when we recorded ‘Just Like Me(Without You)’. He’s a helluva player. We always joke that with each new member they get less and less rehearsal. Staying true to that Michael now wins as we basically just ‘discussed’ the songs on the drive down. Pretty damn funny. So we’re hoping he’s gonna be making some periodic appearances with us over the next couple months.
We got to see Grace Potter and her band play. I really like them. Then we got to all have dinner and discuss interesting and various ways and places to pack for modern day air travel. Quite informative if I do say so myself. If I only had pictures.
Caught part of the show and got to have a great chat with Dave Barnes as well. He’s another Nashville musician and truly one of the nicest people I know. Wishing him all the best with his newest album and hoping to see him again soon.

Got to spend some time with the Broussards too. Had dinner with Marc. Chad saved our ass with a ride cymbal. Thanks brother. Unfortunately I couldn’t hang to see them as my kid brother was doing a show Saturday night back in Nashville. So we loaded up and headed back to catch that. It was fun. I’ve not gotten to see him play alot with our busy schedules so it was nice to be able to see him at home.

Excluding Europe, I think I saw more live music on Saturday than I saw last year. Kinda funny. Or sad. Or both. Yes, probably both.

Ok, off to finish some songs. Gotta get this new album together to start recording soon. Y’all be well.
Go Celtics!