So I can’t really say enough good things about the John Butler Trio fellas. Really damned good band. Plus just real down to earth dudes. Great crew too. Congratulations to them on the show in Austin. It was their first time to do their own show outside at Stubb’s and the crowd was KILLER!! Way into what they were all about. We played really really early, but the response from folks there seemed good. It was cool to get to play Austin on Willie Nelson’s birthday. I’d planned on us doing a Willie song, but we sort of ran out of time. Sorry Willie, but happy birthday anyhow.

Next night was Houston where we got to celebrate another milestone with Texas roots. The 5 year anniversary of our President declaring an end to hostile action in Iraq! Nice one ding dong. Anyhow, new club in Houston that we really liked. It will certainly help us with coming back on a more regular basis for certain.

Another fun night at the Wormy Dog Saloon in Oklahoma City. That joint seems to get better and better every time. Got to see my brother for a minute as he was spending the night there en route to start a tour in LA. We both had big travel days today so unfortunately we didn’t get to hang as long as I’d have liked. I don’t think we made any lasting friendships with the Green River Ordinance band that was on the last couple shows. Funny, because we liked them. Nice guys, catchy songs. Now when we like a band, we loosen up and have a good time with them. Sometimes this can take weeks, sometimes it’s just right off. We thought this was a ‘just right off’ sort of situation. A group of guys with similar senses of humor. Well, after Siggi put a meatball on the drummer’s floor tom during the last song we found out we have quite dissimilar senses(or lack there)of humor. We thought it was funny. They didn’t. They were wrong and probably won’t be in any big hurry to be a part of our little rock and roll experiment again anytime soon. Maybe they need more marijuana and less marinara. Great name for the next tour!

But I digress. Here I sit in my hotel in San Francisco. We’re playing a label shindig tomorrow night. Should be a pretty good time in all. Got great sushi across from out hotel. Then found a place that sells ice cream by the ounce, or the pound if you eat it like I do. Yes, that’s a problem, I know. Then caught the Killers and Spoon on Austin City Limits on PBS. Just great! I was totally blown away by both performances. Made me want to catch both bands live if I get the chance. I’ve enjoyed records by both, but now feel compelled to see the real thing. Just put the finishing touches on a new song about George Bush calling me to talk about nightmares of his death. It’s a good one. Yes, some of you will hate it. Ok, stone me now……..go.

Ok, Amadaeus is coming on the HBO. I’m going to watch it. I bid you all farewell.