TEXAS….. 0

Had a fun show last week in St. Louis on Friday at Washington University. Weather turned really shitty right after our show but luckily we’d just loaded up and got away just in time. We’d met some cool gals back 6 months or so ago from the womens basketball team there. We gave them a ride to their hotel after the show. Saw them again. Plus some of the guys team too who’d just won the DIII basketball championship. Congrats. Unfortunately we had to depart before any hardwood action could take place. Maybe next time.

Went in the studio Sunday and cut a new song, ‘me without you’. It turned out great. You may start hearing at some shows. Definitely got us all fired up for getting busy on the new album.

Played tonight at the House of Blues in Dallas. Always a pleasure playing their clubs. I was totally impressed with the John Butler Trio. Really good musicians. The songs were good. Very nice dudes. I’m anxious to see them again tomorrow night in Austin. We only got to play 30 minutes which was kind of a bummer, but the reaction from lots of new faces helped make up for it.

So now we’re back at the hotel post Whattaburger and I suppose I’ll do a little writing and then turn on in.
Y’all be well and we’ll see you soon.