So we’ve had our first week going for adds at AAA radio for the new record. Some stations are playing, “Woman Be Strong” others are playing, “Pocket Full Of Change.” I guess that’s one of the great things about an independent record. We can let them play whatever the hell they want. We don’t care, just get the music out there. Now I know there’s lots of bitching about radio. We do it. You do it. “It’s all the same crap….” “….they don’t play anything new”, etc. Hell alot of that is true!! But there are certain places out there that are really fighting the same fight we are. Trying to bring you great music, new music, old music, just killer stuff. So here’s a list of cities and stations that are on our side after the first week:

Columbus, OH WCBE 90.5
Baltimore, MD WTMD 89.7
St. Louis, MO KDBB 104.3
Woodstock, NY WDST 100.1
Cheyenne, WY KUWR 91.9
Bay City, TX KZRC 92.5
Virginia Beach, VA WYOU
Goshen, IN WGCS 91.1
Pemberton, NJ WBZC 88.9
Auburn, AL WQNR 99.9
Nashville, TN WRLT 100.1
Paonia, CO KVNF 90.9
Akron, OH WAPS 91.3
Spokane, WA KPND 95.3
Missoula, MT KDTR 103.3
Wilmington, NC WUIN 106.7
Wenahatchee, WA KOHO 101.1
Sharon, CT WKZE 98.1
Philadelphia, PA WXPN 88.5
New York, NY WFUV 90.7

Not a bad start for a bunch of clowns trying to fight the man and do this on our own. Now hopefully there’ll be more each week for the next bit. We’ll keep you posted. So if you’re in these areas, give ‘em a listen. If you hear it, tell them thanks. Let them know you appreciate it as much as we do. Does this lead to a number one record? Don’t know. Could it lead to more people being exposed to the album, then the band, then the live show? Hell yes! That’s the big goal here. Just helping us build a carrer in and around all of these markets. So tell your friends and listen up and we’ll hope to see y’all soon.