Sitting here just of I95 at South of the Border. If you’ve never been here, REGRET IT!! You should DEFINITELY come here. That’s all I’ll say. If you’re passing by this way….SSTTOOOOOOOOPPPP!! It’s awesome. Plus, Jefferson got stuck on the ferris wheel when it broke down. Just him all by his lonesome at the very top while the dude running it was scrambling on his cellphone to figure out how to get him down. Good news, he’s ok and we’ll be able to be in Annapolis tomorrow night.
Wilmington the other night was wonderful! So great having the support of WUIN down that way. I truly think that with their support and y’alls we can turn that into a great place for us very quickly. Can’t wait to get back there in the fall.
Last night in Myrtle Beach was great too. House of Blues is always kick ass so that goes without saying. We had a new background singer join us last night. Ms. Cristina Bello from Nashville. She was referred to us late on Wednesday night(as we were leaving at 5am Thursday). We tried to get her to just come and jump on the bus. Now mind you we’ve never seen her, she’s not seen/met us. We just call at 11pm and go, “Hi, my name is Will Hoge, you wanna go on the road and sing until July 4th?” Now there was a little more to it than that, but not much. She couldn’t join up with us until last night, but she did great. Poor gal’s flight got screwed up, then they lost her luggage, etc. But she made it through. Here’s hoping she’ll do well over the next little bit and then maybe we can keep her around for a while.
Back to the show last night, it was awesome. We were definitely the band that didn’t fit in last night. 3 really cool bands on the show with us, Big City Rock, Rock Kills Kid, and the headliner was Morningwood. Dean summed it up best when he said, “…they all sound like they’re influenced by the 80’s. A decade we don’t think even existed….” Ha ha. Funny. But it worked fine. They were all great guys and girls. Really good at what they do. Our friend Chad is tour managing Big City Rock so it was great to see him. Plus they’re all here spending the day with us at South of the Border. Hit if off real well with the fellas from Rock Kills Kid too. Super nice guys. Very good band. They’re playing on Letterman Monday night so make sure to check them out.
Post show we snuck into the Alligator Farm behind the club. Looking back, this was a bad bad bad bad idea. Luckily everyone still has all their limbs. Moral of the story….one alligator….cool, kinda scary. 300 alligators all coming to join him….VERY VERY SCARY. We gave them some chicken and salmon and apples, oranges, etc. Happy gators today!
We then had a run in with some jack ass police officer at the all night pancake house. He didn’t like our little sing-a-long at the table. Made an ass of himself(which all his other NICE officer friends were embarrassed by) which only furthered our jackass-o-rama. We left without incident but timed a phone call back there perfecty when they were all at the register. I asked to speak to ‘Office Tackleberry.’ The lady on the phone says, ‘Officer Tackleberry??’ right as all the guys are at the counter. I hear the other officers DIE laughing! Ol’ Tack picks up the phone madder than a wet hen!! We then ‘chatted’ for a bit. Lovely lovely conversation! It was great. So hopefully he’ll be catching shit for a LOOOOOOOONG time over that one. “Hey Steve, you remember when them hippies made you mad then called you Tackleberry?” Here’s hoping he’ll never live that one down!
Alright, there’s a band outside this back lounge window with a couple hundred bucks worth of firecrackers that need shooting……….
I gotta go.